Arioneo presents the STAR system at CES 2019

ARIONEO is part of the Paris Region French Tech Delegation presenting at the CES 2019 of Las Vegas its lastest innovation live tracking for horse-racing: STAR System.

Augmented data live tracking


Following three successful firsts in connected Equestrian Tech, launched in 2016 and 2018, across 16 countries to monitor the comfort and health of all horses, Arioneo, a startup supported by the Parisian incubator Le Tremplin, is presenting it’s latest innovation: the STAR System. This technology, developed in  collaboration with a company which is the world’s leading sports timekeepers, will offer racecourses and thoroughbred training centers a tracking solution with extended functionality which will be unique across the world. It is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2019 that this innovation will be unveiled to the world.

French tech

From January 9 to 11, 2019, Las Vegas turns into a high-tech paradise with the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest technology innovation show. France will be represented by 414 companies, of which 376 start-ups. Amongst them, ARIONEO will be in attendance with the Paris Région French Tech Delegation.



Hosting nearly 200,000 trade visitors with around 3,600 exhibitors, the CES Las Vegas launches nearly 20,000 new products each year. Arioneo will be in attendance throughout the event in the CES EUREKA Park – Booth 50441.


Live tracking STAR system

The STAR System is targeting racecourses and thoroughbred training centers worldwide.

A unique fusion of a most-accurate GPS live tracking system combines with vitals and performance monitoring for race horses.

STAR System is a fusion of two distinct technologies:

Live tracking sensor


Arioneo’s partner for this project developed a Tracking system technology which is already in use on several of the most prestigious racetracks in the world. This game-changing timing and tracking system – a world first in the horse racing industry – provides instant data on the exact position of each horse during a race, race rankings, the distance between horses as well as their acceleration and deceleration. Entirely based using satellite data, the Tracking System boasts extreme accuracy, without the need for a permanent installation on the racecourse.



Arioneo makes it possible to further enrich this solution with brand-new data related to the physiology and performance of the horses during a race. This young French company has researched, developed and patented a technology capable of collecting, with almost-medical precision, the cardiac data from the horse during training or racing as well as data related to its movement (length and frequency of strides, regularity and symmetry of the gait as examples). Arioneo’s scientifically validated algorithms translate this data into understandable information on the fitness, abilities and skills of each horse, which are crucial for improving the understanding of racing by both the racing going public and the racing professional alike.

«The mutual advantage of our technological know-how allows our two organizations to offer a solution that surpasses any previous offering in our respective markets in terms of precision, performance and ergonomics. Furthermore, we are convinced that the continuity made possible between the data collected during training and those in the race will open up great opportunities for the monitoring of horses for the entire industry be they trainers, vets, racecourses, training establishments and the general racing public. As an example, in some countries where Barrier Trials are practiced, we could very well imagine the creation of additional content measured during these tests for punters upstream of the races.»

Valentin Rapin, CEO of Arioneo



Historically, the barriers have been acquiring accurate readings of the heart rate due to the horse’s coat, sweat and vibration whilst at excerise. In the girth are integrated electrodes that are capable of overcoming the constraints of accurately monitoring cardiac activity whilst performing. The cardiac signal is transmitted to the electronics placed in the girth. Data is then sent via Bluetooth to the device located in the saddle-cloth, which in turn analyzes and synchronizes it with GPS measurements. All the data is sent live to the distant server to be processed and integrated to the TV stream or to be available online on the professional dedicated web platform.

STAR system live tracking

«After 3 years of Research and Development we are proud to offer to both professional and amateur riders, the ability to monitor their horses accurately on a daily basis. Riders are concerned about the wellbeing of their horses and this takes their understanding to a new level.»


Guillaume Dubois, PhD, Scientific director of Arioneo

Arioneo’s mission is to support the Equestrian industry as it moves into the data age. With strong investment in R & D, it is reflective of the company’s determination to be a key player in the future of the equestrian world by opening up new avenues and perspectives.