Introduction #3 : working my horses to their fullest potential

Exploiter potentiel chevaux course pour performance

Following our article Introduction : Working with Racing Trainers with performance tracking technology, 3 categories of questions that trainers ask themselves were mentioned :

    • Physical preparation: How to improve the physical condition of their horses and reduce the risk of injury?
    • Potential of each horse: How to develop (individually) horses to reach their maximum potential?
    • Win: How to be more successful in each race?

In this article, we will introduce our answers to the potential of each horse : How to develop (individually) horses to reach their maximum potential?

Training Race Horses

As a Trainer, working with your horses on their development,  bringing them to their peak of performance is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of training.

Traditionally based on the Trainer’s visual assessment, feelings and experience, tracking technologies now provide another objective layer to measure the impact of a horse’s training career over time.

Technology provides complementary and compelling information to answer the simple question: how do I objectively know if my horses are improving?

Pre-Race Training

Since improvement is a relative concept, it can only be measured by comparing data. For the performance of racehorses, it is usually a question of recording the physical capability of the athlete as early as possible in his/her training and using these measurements as a point of reference throughout preparation. The combination of these measurements (maximum speed and maximum heart rate during exercise, and/or quality of recovery for example) in combination with the Trainers expertise creates a complete view of the abilities, skill and fitness of the horse in question. Once the data is recorded regularly, it is then about monitoring specific exercise with objectives so the Trainer can see the the potential of each horse as an individual.

How can the data help?

Analysis of this data help the Trainer to understand where his horses in their training, identify areas of concern that require additional focus and to optimize their fitness, for example,  endurance, acceleration, recovery, etc. Monitoring devices, specifically EQUIMETRE, gives accurate scientific data to ensure the Trainer can objectively get the most out of his/her horses.