Arioneo  is a French company specializing in the development and distribution of solutions for the Equine world to provide accurate insight and analysis into performance and health for all horses.

Our team has brought together many different fields of expertise which combined allow us to develop and deliver our products and services.  Our knowledge encompasses electronics, embedded software, design, web and mobile skills, algorithmic programming, horse physiology.  Not content with our inhouse skills we surround ourselves with leading vets, Professionals from all Equine disciplines along with Biomechanic  PHD’s to ensure our algorithms are exact and precise.

Our mission is to combine the use of cutting edge technology to improve equine health and performance for all horses.


Our view

Our ambition, since the formation of our company, is to revolutionize the Equine industry  using the latest technology to enter the data age.
We are leading the way. Learning from innovation for human health, our Research and Development is focused solely on the Equine world, adapting and revising cutting edge technology specifically for the horse.

Our strong investment in R&D is at our foundation, reflecting our desire to continue to lead the equine industry into the future through the use of clever technology to promote health and performance for all horses no matter the discipline.

Our values

Our customers are at our core. We want and encourage our customers to contact us with their feedback and comments.

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On the ground and Listening

Our aim is to be as close as possible to our customers and users, ensuring that our products our designed not only for today’s requirements  but for the needs of tomorrow.

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Every individual in our dynamic team is committed to the success of Arioneo. Everything we do is to ensure that we are bringing the latest advances in equine knowledge to our customers to ensure Arioneo is a leading and important company on the global equine stage.

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Pushing the 

We are dedicated to the better understanding of our equine friends, contributing to the advancement of research.  Each advancement will be incorporated into our product ranges as we evolve and diversify across the international stage.