IoT for horses at the BETA international


Launching our product in the UK on the occasion of the BETA international

The Arioneo team are very excited. We are very busy getting ready for our launch into the UK. On Friday, we will be leaving Paris for Birmingham and BETA International 2017, the world’s foremost equestrian and trade exhibition which starts on Sunday 22nd January 2017.

You can find us on Stand H3.3 where we will be showcasing Orscana, a multi-function innovative connected device for horses. Orscana monitors your horse’s welfare and wellbeing at all times. By sewing specially fabricated pouches into your rugs, the sensor is slipped in next to your horse’s hip and immediately begins to monitor the temperature of your horse, letting you know if you have chosen the right rug for weather. Not only that, but it lets you know exactly what your horse has been doing whilst you have been away! All by simply checking the app on your phone.


Bringing new technologies serving horses wellbeing and performance

The Arioneo team will also be introducing Equimetre to the UK market, whilst not yet released, this amazing product is designed to monitor and record a horse’s performance whilst being excercised. The first release will be specifically for racing however other versions are already underway for other disciplines.

Please drop by, we look forward to welcoming you on our stand and walking you through how the latest developments in technology, combined with equine know-how are being put to use to improve your horse’s development and performance both at rest and at exercise.

About the BETA…

  • SUNDAY 22 JAN 9:30AM – 6:00PM
  • MONDAY 23 JAN 9:30AM – 6:00PM
  • TUESDAY 24 JAN 9:30AM – 4:30PM

As a launching offer, Orscana is now available on our webshop.