Arioneo, ATA and CHAMP Cargosystems join forces to improve the well-being of horses during air travel.


Their goal: to improve the well-being of horses during their transport by plane.

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Horse welfare during air transportation

ARIONEO technology at the service of health, a major challenge

The monitoring technology of the horse of Arioneo will join the information system developed by CHAMP and ATA to monitor in real time the vital parameters of equids in the aircraft.

Upstream of the commercial release of the solution planned for next year, the three actors are conducting an unprecedented study with the University of Bologna on the monitoring of horses during transport, including the measurement of heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. temperature. The purpose of this two-year study is to find out what actions can be taken to improve the welfare and health of animals during transport, on the ground or by plane.

Tests, questionnaires and a permanent surveillance during the transport are carried out in order to put in place all the possible solutions so that the grooms and the crew can assure the best the air transport of the horses.

A report for each horse will be available at the end of the flights so that owners and coaches can discover the parameters followed during the study.

Santé cheval transport aérien

The Animal Transportation Association is dedicated to the improvement of animal wellbeing within the logistics industry. This study aims to create high standards for animal transportation, as comfort and safety of the precious animals are our number 1 priority. This unique partnership with CHAMP and Arioneo will ensure that we will not only have the tools to ensure animal welfare, but also the data to support it

Filip Vande Cappelle, President at the Animal Transportation Association.

Each year several thousand horses are shipped for intercontinental flights followed by a quarantine period whose duration varies according to the country.


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CHAMP Cargosystems


A non-profit association dedicated to the safe and humane transportation of animals – worldwide.ATA provides an important opportunity for individuals, businesses, organizations and groups involved in any phase of animal transportation to become part of an international effort to find solutions to a variety of problems related to the transport of animals. At the same time, members are linked to information, resources, contacts, and key developments in the field that can help them provide better services and conditions for animals in transit. ATA provides a means for making research needs known, encouraging research, and disseminating findings. The organization further encourages uniform and effective international regulations and humane handling of live animals. Every ATA member agrees to accept and support ATA’s Statement of Policies and Code of Ethics.

ATA was organized in 1976 in response to the concerns of industry leaders, government officials, and humane association representatives. In 1989, the name of ATA was changed to “The Animal Transportation Association” to emphasize that sea, air, and land transport are of equal importance in the safe and humane transport of animals.  The ATA’s members comprise the entire spectrum of those concerned with the transportation of animals: Airlines, Truckers & Shipping Firms; Government Agencies throughout the world; Universities & Research Organizations; Breeders; Importers/Exporters; Veterinarians; et. al. 

ABOUT CHAMP Cargosystems

CHAMP Cargosystems provides the most comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions and distribution services for the air cargo transport chain. The portfolio spans core management systems, messaging services, and eCargo solutions. These include applications to meet customs and security requirements, quality optimization as well as e-freight and mobility needs. The products and services are well known under the Cargospot, Traxon and Logitude brands.

The company serves over 200 airlines and GSAs, and links these with some 3,000 forwarders and GHAs worldwide.  CHAMP’s solutions help its customers and their clients adapt to critical and continuous changes in air transport logistics to meet global trade demands.

CHAMP Cargosystems is headquartered in Luxembourg and operates offices in London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Manila, Singapore and Atlanta.

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